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Tronsmart C24 Dual USB Port Car Charger


Tronsmart C24 Dual USB Port Car Charger


Model :C24
Technology :VoltiQ technology
Power :24W
Input :DC 12-24V/2.5A
Output (USB) :VoltiQ port: DC 5V/2.4A each port
Dimension :2.83 x 1.33 x 1.02in / 72 x 34 x 26mm

  • Tronsmart C24 Dual USB Ports Car Charger: 
    One of the smallest dual-port car chargers on the market.

  • Dual-Port VoltiQ: 
    VoltiQ automatically adjusts amperage and wattage to the maximum ratio required by your devices so that more current-hungry devices are not starved and less current-hungry devices are not over-allocating resources. In short, VoltiQ automatically detects your device, adjusts wattage and amperage, and then delivers the maximum charging speed.

  • Dual Onboard Integrated Circuits: 
    Each port functions independently.

  • Safe Charging: 
    All our power products are rigorously tested and come with our Omni-Protect system ensuring safe charging for all your devices.

  • Compact Design: 
    Easily fits inside your car cigarette lighter and is compatible with almost all vehicles worldwide.

  • Universal Compatibility:
    Charge all USB powered devices from iPhones, iPad to Android phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headphones & speakers, smartwatches & more.

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